Why Do People Tend to Wear Black at Funerals?

  In America, most people wear black clothing at funerals. Why is this?   In general, wearing black to mourn the dead has been a tradition passed down over generations for centuries. Way back during Roman times, families would don dark-colored togas to mourn the dead. This tradition continued with people in England during medieval […]

A Brief Look at the History of Funerals

One thing about humanity that hasn’t changed in centuries is the urge to properly care for the dead. Long before any of us were alive, our ancestors were performing some type of ceremony, funeral rite or ritual for the departed. Land was set aside for the dead and memorials were built, often using stone, to […]

Change the Lives of Others With Organ Donations

If you think about it, when you’re dead you no longer have use for your organs. Therefore, if you’re open to the idea, you should consider signing your driver’s license or some other card to indicate to the world that you’d like to donate your organs to those in need after you’ve died.   Did […]

The Importance of Music at a Funeral

Where would we be without music? It has a way of speaking to people when mere words won’t do. Music touches the heart and the soul of a person. It moves them. It allows them to express their feelings and emotions. Music is a gift.   While music is not a “must” for a funeral, […]

When Should You Seek Professional Support For Your Grief?

If you think about it, everyone loses loved ones. No one is immune from the sting of death. In the days and weeks to follow a funeral or other remembrance ceremony, grief has a way of getting us through the pain of having lost someone who mattered in our lives. Lots of tears are a […]

Why is it Smart to Plan Ahead for Your Passing?

How to prepare for death

Interestingly, most people make plans for everything in their life, from what kind of new car to buy to what school to attend. Yet very few people plan ahead for the inevitable: their death.   Why is it smart to plan ahead for your death? Well, for starters, if you do some key things now, […]

Normal Versus Complicated Grief

Dealing With Grief

There’s normal grief and then there’s complicated grief. With normal grief, you work through it and eventually it lessens and you feel better. Complicated grief, though, seems like a never ending pain that won’t go away no matter what you do, who you talk to, or how much you cry.   Grief itself is hard. […]

How Taking Care of a Pet can Help a Person That’s Grieving

  Taking care of a pet can help a grieving person feel better. A person’s mental health can be shaky right after they lose someone close to them. Things aren’t “normal” for a bit, as they grieve the loss of someone whom they cared for so much. Therefore, having a pet around can be a […]

Exercise Can Help You Through the Grieving Process

Whether you’ve recently lost a close relative or a friend, the grieving process can cause your world to come to a screeching halt like a car that just suffered a flat tire. The grieving causes a wide range of emotions, and the sad reality is that most of those emotions are unpleasant, to say the […]

Things to Talk About When Giving a Eulogy

  When a loved one passes on, one of the hardest things can be to give a eulogy. However, there is something extremely therapeutic about writing and speaking about your loved one. Although it’s not for everyone, those who are chosen and/or volunteer to deliver the heartwarming speech can truly benefit from the act.   […]